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Save The Dates for Sun Savers Superdays 2024

Sun Superdays returns to The Sun newspaper, giving you the chance to enjoy two "free" tickets to the UK’s top attractions! There are lots of changes this year including brand-new participating attractions, a new pricing band, and the removal of the £2 booking fee. Unfortunately, LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is not participating in the offer, but more attractions have been added.

In this article, we'll delve into everything you need to know to take advantage of The Sun Savers Superdays in 2024.

Sun Superdays Attractions for 2024

  • Sea Life Aquariums

  • Alton Towers Resort

  • Chessington World of Adventures Resort

  • Thorpe Park

  • Warwick Castle

  • The Blackpool Tower

  • The London Eye

  • The Bear Grylls Adventure

  • The Dungeons / Shrek's Adventure

  • Madame Tussauds

  • Cadbury World

Sun Savers Superdays Attractions 2024

How does Sun Superdays work?

Sun Superdays is a promotional program offered by The Sun, a British newspaper, whereby each month this year, you can collect codes for "free" days out. Here's how it typically works:

  1. Collect Codes: Readers of The Sun newspaper need to collect 5 unique codes printed inside the newspaper during specific promotional periods. The codes need to be from 5 different days (you can't just buy 5 newspapers on one day). This February code collection starts on Saturday 10th February for SEA LIFE Aquariums.

  2. Register: To participate, readers need to sign up for the Sun Savers program either through the website or the mobile app.

  3. Enter Codes: Once registered, participants can enter the unique codes they've collected from the newspapers into their Sun Savers account.

  4. Booking: On the designated booking date specified on the Sun Savers app, readers can book the date they want to visit the attraction and pay any additional charges (more about extra charges for 2024 in the section below). Peak dates do sell out really quickly (within minutes sometimes), so definitely prepare yourself and set an alarm, etc., on the booking date.

How to get two tickets to SEA LIFE:

How to get two free tickets to SEA LIFE Centre - Sun Superdays

New Sun Superdays Additional Charges for 2024

The Sun has introduced new pricing bands this year meaning if you cannot take advantage of visiting the attractions mid-week, during term time - there'll be an additional charge per ticket for a peak date (weekends, school holidays, and bank holidays).

Here's an example of the additional charges for Alton Towers:

Sun Superdays Extra Charges Alton Towers

Below are the additional charges for SEA LIFE Birmingham depending on the date you would like to book.

New Sun Superdays Additional Charges Pricing Bands Sea Life Birmingham

Is Sun Savers Superdays Really Worth It This Year?

The Sun guarantees that we will not find cheaper tickets anywhere else, but is collecting the newspapers for the attractions cheaper than booking via 2FOR1 offers?

Let's say I'd like to collect The Sun newspaper codes for SEA LIFE Birmingham.

Off-peak date:

  • 5 x Sun Newspapers = £5.40

  • Pricing band additional charge: £0-£9 per ticket.

= Total cost for 2 tickets: £5.40-£23.40

Weekends/school holidays: 

  • 5 x Sun Newspapers = £5.40

  • Pricing band additional charge: £10-11 extra per ticket 

= Total cost for 2 tickets: £25.40-£27.40

How much does it cost to book 2 tickets directly with SEA LIFE:

  • Off-peak: £40

  • On-peak: £50

  • 2FOR1 National Rail or Kelloggs Offer for peak or off-peak dates: £25 

  • 30% off when travelling by National Express bus for peak or off-peak dates: £28-£35

Verdict: If you can take advantage and visit the SEA LIFE super off-peak when there is no extra charge then collecting the newspaper codes is worth it as it is cheaper than an adult and toddler ticket (£19). But if you’re restricted to visiting on weekends or during school holidays, using a 2FOR1 voucher is actually cheaper than booking via Sun Superdays. Even with using the 30% discount when travelling by National Express bus, the saving compared to the Sun Superdays is only £2.40-£7.60. And with how popular the Sun Superdays is, you’re not guaranteed to get the date you want either, so is it worth collecting the papers and saving less than £8 when the peak date you want may not be available? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Will you be collecting the Sun newspapers this year?


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