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Kids Hair Play: Child-Friendly Hair Salon Review

Are you a parent living near Oldbury, Birmingham, or Sutton Coldfield and looking for a unique and enjoyable haircut experience for your child? Or if your little ones are like mine and they are nervous about having their hair cut, then look no further than Kids Hair Play, the ultimate destination for kids' haircuts that's making waves in the community.

In this review, we'll delve into what makes Kids Hair Play stand out and why the hair salon company is becoming a favourite among parents and children alike.

Kids Hair Play Hagley Road

What is Kids Hair Play?

Kids Hair Play is a unique hair salon that has locations at Sutton Coldfield, Hagley Road, and a brand-new branch opening in Wolverhampton very soon. The salon specialises in hassle-free and autism-friendly haircuts and is pretty reasonably priced too.

Kids Hair Play offers a whole host of services for both children and adults, so you could even have a haircut at the same time, removing the stress of trying to book into separate salons or find childcare. Find out more about the salon's services below.

What Services do Kids Hair Play offer?

  • Dry cuts

  • Fringe trims and tidy-ups

  • Wash and cuts

  • Wash, cut, and blowdry

  • First cut packages

  • Festival hair

  • Mini manicure (gel effect nails)

  • Hair sparkles: glitter spray or spray in colour

  • Hair treatments: intensive conditioning, detangling, repair mask

  • Family packages: children and dads cuts, children and moms cuts, and ‘daddy, mommy and me’ packages.

  • Pamper parties

Why is Kids Hair Play good for children?

1. Child-Focused Expertise

Kids Hair Play boasts a team of highly skilled stylists who are not only professionals but also experts in working with children. They understand the unique challenges that come with cutting kids' hair and are adept at making the process as enjoyable as possible. They are patient, friendly, and skilled at engaging with children, which helps create a comfortable and stress-free environment.

2. Themed Haircut Chairs

Your child can pick to have their hair cut in a car chair, an aeroplane chair, or a tractor all while watching cartoons on TV. For older kids, teens, and adults, there are also regular hair salon chairs. These themed stations not only add excitement but also help ease any apprehension children may have about getting a haircut.

3. Play Area

One of the standout features of Kids Hair Play is its dedication to keeping children entertained throughout their visit. The salon is equipped with a small play area with plenty of toys and games. This area is strategically placed to ensure that kids are occupied and having fun while waiting for their turn.

Kids Hair Play Hagley Road Play Area

4. Sensory Room

Kids Hair Play on Hagley Road (Oldbury/Birmingham) also has a separate sensory room with sensory toys and lights. This space provides a calming environment where children can enjoy the sensory tools and toys - your child can have their hair cut in the room too!

Kids Hair Play Hagley Road Sensory Room

5. Positive Reinforcement

At the end of the haircut, your child can pick from some bubbles, sweets, or balloons. This small incentive reinforces the idea that getting a haircut can be a positive and enjoyable experience.

Personal Experience

We have visited Kids Hair Play Hagley Road twice now and are really happy with both our experiences. The staff are super friendly and approachable. Our stylist is Jade who is really good at what she does. She's patient and really puts our minds and our son's at ease.

Our son gets quite distressed when having his haircut, so we opt to have his haircut in the sensory room away from other clients. This provides us parents with a sense of relief as we're not being watched on by other families and is also more calming for our three-year-old.

Although there are still tears when it's time for his haircut and a lot of fidgeting, Jade still manages to do an amazing job and super quickly too! We're really impressed with the cut, the friendliness, and the overall customer experience. Hopefully, with more trips to the salon, our son will get more comfortable having it done and we can leave the tissues at home.

Kids Hair Play Review

Prior to visiting Kids Hair Play, we have been to other ‘child-friendly’ salons but have been left disappointed. At previous salons we've felt rushed, cramped, and felt that not a lot of care or attention has been given to our son but more care has been given to how many kids' haircuts the hairdresser can get through in an hour (creating a chaotic experience) - not forgetting the time when a haircut ended up with a small cut on our son's ear and a near bald patch on another occasion. Other salons lack personalisation, care, and expertise, but this is something Kids Hair Play has. We honestly wouldn't go anywhere else now.

Salon Location:

556 Hagley Road West,


B68 0BS.

There is also a salon in Sutton Coldfield and a new salon opening in Wolverhampton very soon.

Final Thoughts

Kids Hair Play Hagley Road is an amazing child-friendly salon, where your child can get a stylish haircut in a fun and calming environment. If you're seeking an extraordinary and stress-free haircut experience for your child, Kids Hair Play should be at the top of your list.

If you'd like to find out more about Kids Hair Play, head here.


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