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Wonderland Telford

We made the most out of the last bit of sunshine and made a spontaneous trip to Wonderland Telford! We had never been before but it was on our to-do list.

Wonderland is a woodland attraction right next to Telford Town Park. You can walk through a magical woods filled with fairytale and nursery rhyme characters and their houses. It was so exciting not knowing which character we would see next and the attention to detail in the little houses was unreal.

I was honestly in my element. I loved reminiscing on all the old nursery rhymes I used to sing as a kid and it did bring back a lot of lovely memories. My favourite parts were Snow White’s cottage, the Alice in Wonderland area, and the Hansel and Gretel Witch’s House! It was also lovely to see all the traditional Disney characters!

I know Elijah is way too young to understand nursery rhymes and fairytale characters and enjoy Wonderland properly, but he definitely enjoyed all the interactive parts, especially in dinosaur valley and the Christmas igloo. And after all, we had a lovely day making memories as a family and that’s all that counts!

We will be returning when Elijah is old enough to understand and make the most out of the attraction. Especially, because Wonderland has quite a few rides for kiddies which are included in the attraction price. If only I was under 4ft and I could have snuck on them! They also have an indoor soft play area, crazy golf, and a maze (which is sadly not pushchair friendly).

I have huge admiration for the staff that work at Wonderland! They dress up as fairytale characters and really make the place magical for the kiddies. I, for sure, wouldn’t be able to be so cheery and happy all day every day (how exhausting lol). I 100% take my hat off to the individuals who play the Mad Hatter (no pun intended) and Tweedledee (or was it Tweedledum?) for staying so much in character throughout.

Wonderland also hosts special events throughout the year including their Halloween extravaganza and Winter Wonderland which are always very popular and sell out every year.

The only thing I would mention is that being on natural woodland, Wonderland isn’t very wheelchair friendly and is quite hilly. It was a little tricky navigating Elijah in his pushchair through some of the narrower houses and hillier parts but it was manageable.

If you would like a blast from the past and to zoom back into your childhood while also entertaining your kiddies for a few hours then Wonderland is definitely for you!

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