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WILD! Zoological Park

We spent a lovely few hours at WILD! Zoological Park last month. The park is located within Halfpenny Green Vineyards, which is even better if you love a glass of wine or two!

One of the highlights of the day was definitely their animal shows. The free-flight bird show being the best show we’d ever seen. We were all blown away by all the owls, eagles, parrots, and, basically any birds you can think of, flying around above us. Being able to touch some of the animals too made it so special and personal to us. We loved feeding the wallabies and emu, and seeing the lemurs up close!

We also loved the fact that during the animal shows the keepers never forced any of the animals to do anything. If the animals didn’t want to come and say hello and wanted to wander off that was absolutely fine. This is definitely a big difference compared to bigger zoos, and was something which really stuck with us - the keepers really care about their animals!

Knowing the park was a relatively small one, we expected that there wouldn’t be a huge array of animals and we wouldn’t spend all day there, but you really couldn’t knock it for the price. I would have paid £12 just to see the animal shows! And, knowing how much the keepers really do care about the animals is just amazing.

The only tiny downside was that I found it a bit tricky to push Elijah around in his pushchair because the walkways are bark/chippings and some areas are a little narrow. This didn’t bother us much because Josh could carry him around but it might be a little difficult for someone in a wheelchair.

All in all, WILD! is a lovely place to spend a few hours with the family. The free-flight bird show was such an incredible experience and is something we will never forget. I definitely recommend going and supporting the small zoo which really does care about the welfare of their animals!

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