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Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

Our Valentine’s Day sensory bin is a super easy setup. We used red and pink dyed rice, some foam hearts, and pink pom poms.

Elijah loved mixing the rice together with the wooden spoon and scooping it up the scooper. He also found scooping and throwing the rice everywhere hilarious! He sure does love sensory trays so much; his face lights up when I bring it in the room.

The Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin is so adaptable. You can put absolutely anything in it - rice, pasta, cereal, even whipped cream! You can also use kitchen utensils like spoons, sieves, tongs, anything child-friendly. Let your children explore all the textures and colours and develop their fine motor skills.

I really believe learning through play is so important. Children can discover so many new things when they have the opportunity to play freely. Elijah pays much more attention to sensory trays that cost very little to nothing to make than his expensive toys!

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