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Trends UK Peppa Pig Electronic Learning Toys

Elijah is such a huge Peppa Pig fan. He was over the moon when he was picked to review some of the new Peppa Pig Electronic Learning Toys by Trends UK. He just couldn't wait to get the toys out of the packaging and play!

We received the following lovely products:

  • Peppa Pig Count with Peppa

  • Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet

  • Peppa’s Flip and Learn Phone

Peppa Pig Count with Peppa

The Count with Peppa toy helps develop counting skills as well as picture and colour recognition. Peppa encourages your little one to slot a coin in her purse and responds to the coins by counting as the coins are slotted through the hole. You can activate the colours and numbers game by pressing the buttons on her purse. Peppa asks your child to put a specific number of coins into the purse or a specific coloured coin. This is such a great feature to teach children numbers and to count in such a fun and interactive way. There are eight different activities in total focusing on numbers, pictures, and colours.

There are 10 interactive coins in total that have the Peppa Pig characters on as well as a number and a picture of items that corresponds to the number e.g. three flags or ten socks. I thought this was a great touch as it helps children to recognise amounts and numbers of things. The coins are a great size for toddlers and are super easy to push into the slot. By pressing the buttons on Peppa's purse she plays three songs from the series including Peppa Pig's Once I Caught a Fish Alive and The Rainbow Song. I also love the fact that there are two volume settings (I mean that's what we all love to see as parents, right?).

Overall, the toy is great for:

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Listening to instructions

  • Learning counting from 1 to 10

  • Improving number recognition

  • Developing colour recognition

*The toy is suitable for children 2 years old and over.

Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet

Peppa Pig's Phonic Alphabet is a great toy to develop knowledge of letters, numbers, and colours as well as basic phonics and spelling. Peppa asks the child to find the cube with the correct answer to the question e.g. What's the first letter of the word 'Zebra', then your little one has to push that particular cube into the hole in Peppa's dress. There are eight cubes in total, each one having different words, colours, pictures and letters that all correspond to the questions Peppa asks. We did find the cubes a little tricky to get in and out of Peppa's dress and I had to help Elijah do this. The toy comes with a handy bag to hold all of the cubes in which is super useful. Elijah also particularly enjoyed the music button which plays the song everyone loves from Peppa Pig, The Bing Bong Song. It has been played lots of times today, so much that Elijah now knows it word for word.

Overall, the toy is great for:

  • Speech and language development

  • Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

  • Basic problem-solving skills

  • Colour recognition

*The toy is suitable for children 3 years old and over.

Peppa’s Flip and Learn Phone

Elijah has always been fascinated with phones so we weren't surprised when Peppa's Flip and Learn Phone was a big hit! He loves to press all of the different buttons and watch the phone screen light up. When the phone makes a ringing noise, he always answers with the cutest hello and slams the flip phone shut and says bye; it's so funny watching him talking and mumbling on to himself. Peppa asks your little one to press a certain number to speak to different characters including Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and Candy Cat.

*For ages 18 months and over.

We loved all of the Peppa Pig electronic learning toys we reviewed. The character toys are fun and interactive but educational at the same time. They are all available to purchase now in Argos.

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