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The Enchanted Gardens Neverland at Webbs

We recently had the enchanting opportunity to explore The Enchanted Gardens Neverland Light Trail at Webbs of Wychbold, and oh, what an adventure it was! Nestled in the heart of the mesmerizing gardens, this light trail promises to transport you to the magical world of Neverland, where Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and a host of whimsical characters await.

The Enchanted Gardens Neverland Light Trail at Webbs Wychbold

Highlights of The Enchanted Gardens at Webbs Wychbold

As we embarked on our journey through Neverland, the garden came alive with a breathtaking display of lights, lanterns, and enchanting sounds. Each zone told a different part of the beloved Peter Pan story:

  1. Fly with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell: Soar out of the nursery window and across the London skyline to Neverland.

  2. Mermaid's Lagoon: Dive into a watery world alongside the mermaids.

  3. Pirate's Creek: Tread lightly or face walking the plank!

  4. Tiger Lily's Camp: Venture into the woods, stop by Tiger Lily's camp, and enjoy an imaginary meal at Wendy's House.

  5. Lost Children and Tinkerbell's House: Join the Lost Children around the fire and peek into Tinkerbell's tiny house, but beware of Captain Hook!

  6. Jolly Roger Showdown: Witness the epic clash between Peter Pan and Captain Hook on the infamous Jolly Roger. The fate of Neverland hangs in the balance.

The Enchanted Gardens Neverland at Webbs Wychbold Light Trail

Santa's Snow-Covered Workshop

In true Neverland fashion, there's an option to visit Santa's workshop. The helpful elves are on hand to take photos for you and capture the festive magic. After visiting Santa, your child receives a Neverland badge and a sheet of Neverland tickets that Elijah was chuffed with.

Santa's Grotto at The Enchanted Gardens Neverland at Webbs


  • What to Expect: Picture the gardens adorned in jewel-like colors, festoon lights, and fairy lights. Wander through themed areas inspired by J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan tale. The route, designed with families in mind, is a mesmerizing 45-minute to an hour-long adventure.

  • Food and Drink: Hot drinks are available to purchase in the middle of the trail as well as food and drink available at the marquee at the end. VIP dining in heated hygge igloos can be pre-booked for an extra special experience.

  • Important Information: Remember to use the toilets by the ticket office before entering, as there are no facilities within the trail itself.

Christmas Events: The Enchanted Gardens Light Trail in Wychbold Worcestershire


Disclaimer: I was gifted tickets to visit The Enchanted Gardens Neverland at Webbs of Wychbold, but all views are my own. 

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