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That's Not My Lion Sensory Play

I loved setting up this sensory play for Elijah. He loves the ‘That’s Not My...” books so this was a massive hit!

The lion is made out of:

  • Dried turtle beans

  • Yellow-dyed rice

  • Red split lentils

  • Artificial leaves

This is definitely a sensory tray that has to be prepped beforehand! The tray art takes around 15 minutes to do, only to be destroyed within seconds... but that's just half of the fun! I love giving Elijah a variety of different sensory trays - some prepped, some with just water, and others with lots of different sensory bases to explore. I just love the versatility of sensory trays and how they can be adapted to the development age of your little one! No two trays are the same, which is just amazing!

What are the benefits of this sensory tray?

  • It encourages sensory exploration of different textures and sounds.

  • It develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by picking out the turtle beans, scooping the mixture, and pouring it back into the tray.

  • It aids language development of words like, 'pour', 'mix', 'scoop', 'lion', and 'roar'.

  • It can be adapted to your little one's age e.g. you can ask questions like Describe what a lion looks like? Do you know what noise it makes? Do you know what they eat? Do you know where they live?

Elijah's favourite thing to do was to pick out the turtle beans and transfer them to another bowl and using the wooden scoop to mix and pour. He loves to drop the mixture back into the tray and listen to the noises they make. We also paired the set up with leopard play dough from Oki Dough Ki which smells amazing 😍⁣

What is your little one’s favourite “That’s Not My...” book?

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