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Thanksgiving Activities

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and fellow bloggers! This year may not have turned out as we had hoped or imagined and you may not be able to see all of your family and friends but do try and celebrate, and remember, there is always something to be thankful for! I have collated some great Thanksgiving crafts and activities you can do with your little ones from a few lovely mammas!

Loose Parts Turkey

I love the Loose Parts Turkey play idea over at Field Days with Mom. Loose play is so good for letting your little ones explore and expand their imagination by rearranging, moving, and banging the loose parts together. There are no goals with loose play just lots of imaginative fun! For younger children, this activity develops their fine motor skills and it helps build imagination, creativity, and theoretical reasoning for older children. What a great Thanksgiving activity!

Paper Plate Turkey

I love this idea from Nanny Hanny! The Paper Plate Turkey idea is such a super fun activity that you can do with products in your own home! All you need is a paper plate, paint, cotton wool, card and googly eyes! The activity builds fine motor skills and encourages conversations about Thanksgiving and what we are grateful for. Thanks Nanny Hanny for sharing such a great activity and a lovely keepsake too!

Thankful Turkey

Capturing Parenthood's Thanksgiving Turkey idea is perfect for both the classroom and at home. Your little one will have great fun painting the wooden lollipop sticks in autumn colours and placing them to make a Thanksgiving turkey. Every day you can ask your little one what they are thankful for and add the "feather" to the Turkey. What a great way to teach children about gratitude and giving thanks. For more amazing ideas head to

Feed the Turkey

I absolutely love Luli Teaching Tips' Feed the Turkey idea and I just had to share! It's such an easy activity to put together - all you need is pom poms, card, kitchen tongs, and a cut kitchen roll tube. Your little one will have so much fun feeding the turkey with the pom-poms and can even count them as they go along! This activity is good for developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and encouraging independent play.

Oreo Turkeys

This is another activity that I just had to share! Build Family Fun found inspiration for this activity from The Idea Room, many, many moons ago, and decided to bring the activity into 2020 by making them with her children. I love how creative this activity is and it really is fun for the whole family. To make the Oreo Turkeys, all you need is Oreos, frosting, orange sweets, and chocolate! What's even better about this activity is that you can eat it at the end! Win-win!

Fruit Loop Turkey

Vivi and Me's Fruit Loop Turkey is such a fun Thanksgiving idea. All you need for this activity is play-doh, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and Fruit Loops/Rainbow Hoops. Your little one will have so much fun colour coordinating the Turkey's feathers and counting as they go along. This activity is great for developing fine motor skills, colour sorting, and hand-eye coordination. It also helps start conversations about Thanksgiving.

DIY Thanksgiving Placemats

Crib Camp's DIY Thanksgiving Placemat idea is a great way to keep your little ones' busy on Thanksgiving Day and is so easy to set up. All you need is craft paper roll and crayons - it is as simple as that! Your children will feel so much achievement in making a masterpiece fit for the Thanksgiving table!

Head over to the above Instagram accounts for more amazing crafts to do with your little ones (click each image for a direct link). And, if you do decide to do any of the activities then please tag us in all of your creations - we would love to see them!

However you spend Thanksgiving Day, be thankful, be grateful, and count your blessings. Have a great one!

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