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SMOBY Aquaplay Mountain Lake Review

WOW! WOW! WOW! We are so lucky to have been kindly gifted the SMOBY Aquaplay Mountain Lake to test and review. Elijah absolutely loves water play and any excuse to get out in the garden and play, and the Mountain Lake hit all of our expectations and more!

SMOBY Aquaplay Mountain Lake Review

The Mountain Lake is Aquaplay's new adventure that includes a big mountain with a large lake system (a lot bigger than expected), a speedboat, container boat, and animal figures: Bo the Bear and Nils the Frog. You can even set the water in motion by paddling the water wheel, and regulate the water level by using the pump and opening the lock gates.

Elijah enjoyed placing the figures inside the boats and pushing them around the lake and down the waterfall - watching them make a BIG splash at the bottom! He used the figures to create a dialogue between them, making up characters as he played along. Bo the Bear and Nils the Frog climbed the steep cliff and explored the mysterious cave. It was great to see him be imaginative and creative, making his own little story up while he played.

SMOBY Aquaplay Mountain Lake

The SMOBY Aquaplay Mountain Lake is also a great, playful way to educate children how water moves, lifts and climbs. By playing with the Mountain Lake, Elijah learned how he could push the boat along the lake and down the waterfall. He also enjoyed pushing the figures in the water and watching who would win the "swimming race." He loved the concept of using the water to power the movement of the boats and figures.

SMOBY Aquaplay Mountain Lake Review

Assembling the SMOBY Aquaplay Mountain Lake took around forty minutes, some of the parts are a little fiddly to put together at first but it is well worth it. I would say it's not a playset you would keep dismantling for storage and re-putting together.

I definitely think the SMOBY Aquaplay Mountain Lake will be a must-have outdoor water playset this spring and summer (You can even use it inside if you wish!). It has entertained my little boy for hours and will get plenty of use out of it when the warmer weather comes in. The AquaPlay Mountain Lake is available to purchase on John Lewis and Amazon. Click here if you would like to find out more!

SMOBY Aquaplay Mountain Lake Review

** Not suitable for children under 3 years


Disclaimer: Gifted product but all views are my own.

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