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Sensory Park at the Old Tree Plant Nursery

We had a lovely few hours at Sensory Park at the Old Tree Plant Nursery last Sunday. Sensory Park is a totally not-for-profit Special Needs Farm and Animal Sanctuary that provides sensory-rich experiences such as animal feeding, an animal show, mud kitchens, messy play, water play, tuff tray activities as well as animal therapy, quiet spaces, a play area, and a woodland walk. Although Sensory Park specialise in creating a calm and relaxing learning environment for SEN children and adults, all are welcome.

I’m passionate about learning through play which is also something Elijah absolutely loves; he’s also not too sure about animals yet so we thought what a better way to mix in an afternoon of messy play and introduce him to animals in a relaxed environment. He loved seeing all of the animals (from a distance) and waving at them, especially the goats, ducks, alpaca and Bonnie the Pig! We followed Elijah’s lead and he took us straight to the sensory garden which is full of messy play, sensory tray activities, a colouring/painting station, wooden toys and so much more! We spent so much time in there while Elijah explored all of the different activities. He also took a liking to the drainpipe ball run outside, so much that we are now making one for in our garden! He had such an amazing time - he really didn’t want to leave. We will definitely be back very soon!

Sensory Park is open to the public every weekend 11:00am-5pm. Prices are £7 per adult, £6 per child, or £15 per family (Booking in advance is required). Animal food £1.50 per bag (or 3 for £3). They also run Tiny Tots sessions on Monday and Friday which is £6 per child (adults free). They are open Tues, Thurs, Friday by appointment only.

For animal therapy, goat trekking, keeper for the day experiences, animal adoptions, tours, and other information, see their website Pendeford Hall Lane, Wolverhampton, WV9 5ES.

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