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PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Toy Review

We were kindly gifted three playsets from the new PLAYMOBIL imaginative play range! The 1.2.3 range highlights three learning stages, promoting development in a targeted and fun way!

The first stage “Easy Start”, includes simple figures where your little one can imitate animal sounds and name the figures. There are so many fun sets to collect from a police officer and dog, a horse and horse rider, a fairy friend and fox, a knight and ghost, a princess and unicorn, and so many more! Elijah loved chatting away to the police officer and walking the dog across the floor.

The stage two toys “first challenge”, are extended playsets where your little one can begin to understand cause-and-effect relationships and develop fine motor skills in a fun and creative way. In the ‘My Pushing Dog’ playset, your little one will discover that the girl can sit on the train and that the dog can be pulled by his leash. The dog playset can also be combined with the push animal train to create even more learning opportunities and endless play.

Elijah enjoyed pushing and pulling the dog train and placing the figures into the train one by one. You can tell he was thinking things like, ‘Can this go in there?’, ‘What happens if I do this?’ It was great to see him explore and discover how he can play with the set while also developing his hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

The 'My Take Along Preschool' is part of the final stage ‘Little Expert.' Elijah spends the longest playing with this set and likes to combine it with his other Playmobil figures. He loves to push the little figures down the slide and sit them on their chairs. When he is playing you can see the concentration on his face while he explores and chats away to himself. Even though he cannot form sentences yet, his social skills are developing while he plays. I love the fact that he can grow with the set, as when he is a little older, he can create more complex role-play scenarios based on the preschool and interactions between the teacher and students.

What's even better about the My Take Along Preschool is that it folds into a carry case that holds the entire playset. This is great for when your little one wants to take the playset to a friends house or on holiday with them.

Having the 1.2.3 range is super helpful as it makes it so much easier when shopping for age-appropriate toys. Instead of looking at the small print on the back of the packaging (which is what it's like when shopping for other toys), the stage indicator, as well as the suitable age range, is clear on the front of the PLAYMOBIL packaging.

Thank you PLAYMOBIL for letting us test the new 1.2.3 range. We will definitely be purchasing some more playsets to add to Elijah's collection!

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