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Mud Kitchen Petal Perfume

⁣Yesterday, Elijah made some petal perfume in his mud kitchen. He loves anything water-related so this set up was a big hit. The set up consisted of: paper flowers, lots of warm water, a drop of pink food colouring, cupcake sprinkles, and some cups. It’s such an easy activity to do with the objects in your own home - you can even include flowers or grass you’ve picked out the garden too! ⁣

Elijah loved splashing, mixing, and pouring to make the perfume! And it was great to enjoy a cuppa in the garden while he played! ☕️ ⁣Even though this set up was pretty simple, it has so many great benefits including hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and encouraging language development of words like 'mix', 'pour', 'splash', and 'stir'.

For those asking about our mud kitchen over on our Instagram page, we actually made it ourselves for under £10! We’ve made two now, one for my mom and dad’s and one Elijah can play with at home. If you’d like to find out how we made them, check out my other post here

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