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National Pizza Day Sensory Bin

To celebrate National Pizza Day, I decided to make a pizza-themed sensory bin! it was super easy to make with items I already had at home and Elijah absolutely loved it!

To make the pizza-themed sensory bin, I used dyed rice to create the colours of the Italian flag and laid the rice at the bottom of the tray. I then added some red circles (pepperoni) and bits of yellow card (cheese). And no sensory bin would be complete without some toys from the toy box! This was Elijah’s first experience with a sensory tray and he loved every second.

I love the freedom of sensory trays. There are no rules and you can put absolutely anything in them - rice, pasta, chickpeas, you name it! No two trays are the same!

You could also ask your little ones to make their own pizzas whether real or fake. A paper plate or piece of cardboard cut into a circle makes the perfect pizza base. You can use coloured paper cut into your favourite pizza toppings - cheese, bacon, pepperoni, peppers, onions, mushrooms. This is such a simple activity that your children will love!

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