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As a new or expectant mom, it is hard to know what to really buy for your baby. Some products are a waste of money while others are an absolute godsend! Here’s a list of my top ten must-haves for babies up to six months of age other than the obvious nappies, breastfeeding equipment, formula, toiletries, and clothes.

1. Muslins, Muslins, and Even More Muslins

Honestly, you can never have enough muslins! They catch dribble, sick, and wipe up messy food smeared faces. You need multiple muslins in every room in your house as well as a few thrown in your changing bag. Muslins even come in handy during nappy changes; especially, when you’re out and about and don’t want to put your little one on a cold changing table in public changing rooms - just pop a muslin on the surface! They’re multi-functional and a definite must-have!

2. A White Noise Device

Getting your baby to sleep is hard enough as it is and we’re always looking at things that can make this process a little easier. A device that plays a heartbeat or white noise is a

great way to soothe your baby as it mimics the environment of being inside the womb. This can help your baby drift off and soothe them if they unsettle in the night. Products like the Gro Bennie the Bear Sleep Aid or a myHummy which automatically plays white noise in the night once it senses your baby is restless is an absolute godsend! It helps your baby settle back to sleep much faster.

3. Suction Bowls and Plates

Suction bowls are a must!! As everyone knows, you spend ages making dinner, and as soon as you put the bowl or plate of food down it’s thrown all over the floor and stuck in the laminate or mushed in the carpet. Suction bowls that stick to the highchair prevent all this unnecessary mess! Baby: 0 vs. Mommy: 1!

4. Baby Food Feeders

When you first start your weaning journey, baby food feeders are amazing. The silicone pouch allows your little one to taste pureed food and practice chewing safely. You can even pop the feeder in the freezer which helps soothe your baby’s gums!

5. Teethers

Teethers are essential for when your baby is starting to cut their teeth. My personal favourites are the Matchstick Monkey because it’s lightweight and easy to hold and the Sophie La Giraffe Cooling Teething Ring which you can freeze in the freezer.

6. Bottle Prep Machine (if bottle feeding)

There is some controversy surrounding the use of prep machines. I know breastfeeding is advised, but for those who have complications breastfeeding or just prefer to bottle feed, prep machines are such a lifesaver! The machine makes bottles up to the right temperature in under two minutes. But always make sure to follow the instructions, clean the prep machine regularly, and use the correct filters.

7. Sensory Toys

Sensory toys are perfect for the first couple of months. My personal favourites are bright, soft toys that have different textured fabrics on them and make crinkly noises when played with like the Chicco Arthur Dino and Daisy Butterfly toy. The brighter, the better!

8. Storage Basket

A small storage basket filled with nappies, wipes, nappy cream, nappy bags, and spare sleepsuits is super useful. Having a box of supplies in the living room comes in handy as you don’t need to carry your little one upstairs to change them - it can all be done in your living room. It is especially useful in the first few months when you’re changing a lot of dirty nappies.

9. Thermal Flask

A thermal flask is a perfect way to warm your bottles and food while you’re out and about. Whether you’re on holiday or having a picnic in the park, it is such a

handy item when there’s not a kettle nearby.

10. Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is such an essential item. When you eventually get your baby to sleep and put them down (finally, after so long on your chest!), a baby monitor is a great way to keep an eye on your baby while you’re having a bit of well-deserved ‘me’ time.

These ten products really make your life easier when you’re a new mom. Hopefully, they will help guide some of your baby purchases. If you’re already a mom, what are your favourite baby purchases that you simply couldn’t live without?

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