Making Time for Self Care

Knowing how to take time out for yourself is essential for your well-being, but it’s the one thing we tend to forget when we get busy in our daily mom routine. Though it may feel the opposite, the moments when we are least motivated to take care of ourselves are the moments when we require it the most. As we all know, being a mom makes life busy and it can seem difficult to take time out for yourself, but even if you spare ten minutes a day for a quiet cuppa or an hour every few days for a soak in the bath, it’ll do you a world of good. Here are a few ways you can make time for self-care.


Look Out For Your Needs

We all know that as a mom your children always come first, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also prioritise your needs. It is not just about giving yourself a day off to pamper yourself, instead, looking out for your needs means knowing when to take a break, when to stabilise yourself, and when to declutter your headspace. Asking yourself what you require most will help you engage in self-care habits in a much better way. After all, you can’t fully care for someone else without looking after yourself first. Don’t be scared to ask someone to babysit for an hour or two so you can catch up on some sleep. I know a lot of moms, myself included, initially feel guilty for asking for help but at the end of the day, you spend every minute of the day looking after your little one with little time for yourself - you deserve some rest!

Re-Arrange Your Routine

We know being a mom is busy business, we rarely have time to drink a hot cup of tea and wee in our own company. But as your children get older it is a little easier to take some time for yourself. I know it is near impossible to organise your routine when you have a newborn who needs nursing every few hours but as the months pass make sure to actively take time out for yourself. Try and wake up before your little one so you can have a morning coffee and wash in peace, put your little one down when you can so you can catch up on a book or your favourite TV program.

Keeping a Healthy Diet

As a new mom, cooking is the last thing on our minds. Who has the time to cook (…and eat) a nutritious meal while being at the beck and call of a new baby, right? It’s so tempting to grab snacks out of the cupboard or throw a quick meal in the microwave but there’s nothing better than home-cooked wholesome food. After all, a healthy diet can improve your health and mood. Don’t be afraid of asking your partner to cook or asking your parent to bring round a Shepherd’s pie. Batch cooking is also your best friend; not only is batch cooking cheaper and quicker, it is much healthier too.

Exercise Daily

Exercising is a great way to clear your mind. Nothing beats a little bit of fresh air. Make time for exercise in your daily routine, even if you just take ten minutes out of your time to work out or stroll around the park with your little ones. Exercising can help uplift your mood, reduce stress, and make your body feel stronger - which is exactly what we need after giving birth.

Learn How to Say No

It is important to learn how to say no and assert your boundaries. You often find yourself in situations where you think you have no choice but to dive in. That’s where the need for asserting your boundaries come in. As a new mom, family and friends want to come and see you and the baby which is great but it can become too overwhelming. In the midst of multiple visitors, health care appointments, and being sleep deprived, you really need some well-needed time to yourself. Remember, you can always say no.

As a new mom, you often feel selfish and guilty for having a little bit of time to yourself. But even if it’s a few quiet baby-free minutes just to scroll through Facebook or to read the news, it will honestly do you the world of good.

©2019 by Hayley Jukes.