Kendamil Baby Organic Cereals and Porridges

Elijah absolutely loves breakfast. His face lights up when I bring him a bowl of porridge and a yogurt in the morning. But I thought there wasn’t enough variety out there in terms of flavours of porridges and baby cereal. It’s so easy to find plain porridge, baby rice, and banana porridge. Even though these are great to start with, I didn’t want Elijah to get bored of the same thing. So we were super excited when Kendamil kindly gifted us a selection of their baby cereal and porridges to try.

Kendamil produce both baby cereals and formula and are actually the only British Infant Formula producer. Wow! They pride themselves on no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and avoid palm and fish oils in their recipes. What’s even better is that all their manufacturing takes place in the Lake District, one of my favourite places! They’re definitely a company whose values are in line with mine.

We’ve tried nearly all of their porridge and cereals apart from their Mango, Apple and Raspberry Muesli as Elijah isn’t quite old enough yet. Elijah loves them! His favourite is definitely the Blueberry porridge! He has already got through a box already! I think he likes them because the flavours and the combinations are a lot different to other popular brands and the new tastes and textures definitely got his taste buds going!

I have to say that Kendamil was a brand that I was relatively unfamiliar with until recently as I hadn’t seen their products in the supermarkets. But I’m so glad I have found them! Their products are available on their website and you may also find them in your local Sainsbury’s. I’ll definitely be on the hunt for their blueberry porridge on my next shopping trip!

Please do check out their products on their website. It’s so important to support British produce, especially in the current climate. Kendamil is a company that really cares about their customers and the quality of their products and their customers.

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