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Jingle Ville at Lower Drayton Farm

We had such a magical time at the press day for the fabulous Jingle Ville at Lower Drayton in Staffordshire. We’ve visited Lower Drayton Farm quite a few times before for different events throughout the year but never for Christmas, and it didn't disappoint!

Read on to learn more about the whole experience.

Jingle Ville at Lower Drayton Farm

The Jingle Ville Experience

On arrival at Lower Drayton Farm, your child will be given their very own “Jingle Ville” passport, where they can collect their “stamps” (stickers) as they take part in all of the activities.

Below are all of the festive activities included in the Jingle Ville experience.

Festive Bus Ride

The bus ride to Jingle Ville is your very first stamp. But before jumping on the classic red double-decker bus, you’re held in an area that has some photo opportunities, including a sleigh and sofas.

The bus ride takes you around the farm to the special “Jingle Ville” stop, which is inside a big indoor barn. It is a little chilly inside so do wrap up warm!

Mrs Claus’ Cine-Farm

The next activity is Mrs Claus’ Cine-Farm, where you watch a 10-minute video of some cheeky elves that have escaped Santa’s workshop to spend a day at Play at Lower Drayton Farm. There are some song singing and dancing involved too.

After this, you're children are given the second stamp on their passport. and you step inside the town of Jingle Ville.

Christmas Cafe

When you step into the barn, the first thing you’ll see is the Christmas Cafe that sells hot and cold food including yummy turkey, stuffing, and cranberry baps, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, cakes, as well as hot and cold drinks. We tried the turkey, stuffing and cranberry bap and it was so good!

Christmas Cafe menu at Jingle Ville Lower Drayton Farm

Included in your ticket price is a blue token each which you can exchange for a hot chocolate per adult and a milkshake per child.

The website does state that adults could receive any hot drink (tea, coffee, or hot chocolate), but a staff member at the Christmas cafe said we could only use it for hot chocolate. An alternative would have also been great for children who don't like milkshakes (like Elijah), maybe something simple like a Fruit Shoot or a small carton of Ribena.

Meet Santa in his Cosy Grotto

Your children get the opportunity to meet Santa in his grotto and tell him what they would like for Christmas. Here, you're welcome to take photos and the helpful elf will take a professional photo for you, which you can purchase for £9.99 if you like. Santa will hand your children a red token each, which they can exchange for a toy in Santa's toyshop.

Letter to Santa

Next on the passport is writing a letter to Santa at The North Pole Post and then posting it to the North Pole in one of the decorative post boxes. Elijah enjoyed telling us what to write down on his Santa list and colouring in "Jingle Ville" at the bottom of the Santa letter.

santa lower drayton farm christmas

Make Reindeer Food

Next up, children can make reindeer food to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve. Each child is given a little plastic pouch to put in their reindeer food concoction. There are three different bowls on the table to choose from (porridge oats, a blue and white sugar mixture, and a light orange coloured one), and children can put their own mixture into their reindeer food bags.

Making Reindeer Food at Lower Drayton Farm's Jingle Ville

Craft a Keepsake

Your children can then make a sand art Christmas keepsake decoration to hang on your Christmas tree at home. This is a great way to remember a special day for years to come!

Build a Cuddly Toy

This activity was by far Elijah's favourite - building his very own cuddly teddy. Children get to pick from a wide range of cuddly teddies, from horses, unicorns, reindeer, pigs, bunny rabbits, and more! Elijah picked out a Reindeer cuddly toy and chose a red heart to put inside of it, and helped stuff it with all of the stuffing. You also get a birth certificate with the teddy bear, where you can write down its name, owner, fur colour, eye colour, and date of birth.

Build Your Own Cuddly Toy at Lower Drayton Farm Jingle Ville

Toy Shop

Next to the "Teddy-Tastic" cuddly toy-building activity, there is a wall filled with different toys your child can exchange their red token from Santa for. There's everything from cuddly teddies, tractor toys, board games, craft sets, and more! There really is something for everyone.

Santa's Toy Shop at Lower Drayton Farm Jingle Ville

Play@ Lower Drayton Farm

As well as entry to Jingle Ville, your ticket price includes entry to the farm's PLAY@ attraction with its epic indoor play barns (including a huge soft play), outdoor play, and undercover animal zones to explore before or after your Jingle Ville time-slot. The time slot you book is the start of your Jingle Ville adventure, but you can visit PLAY@ anytime between 10 am and 5 pm.

Further Information

Jingle Ville is open to the public from Saturday 2nd December. Off-peak tickets are £16 per adult and £32.50 per child, and on-peak tickets are £20 per adult and £40 per child. To find out more or to book, head to Lower Drayton Farm's website.

I do think that Lower Drayton Farm's Jingle Ville experience offers good value for money. A weekend term time ticket to the farm in general throughout the year would cost £15.50 each (for adults and children), so an extra (£17-£24.50 per child - depending on the day you visit) is great for what's included in Jingle Ville. The teddy bear alone would cost £19.99 if bought from the "Teddy Tastic" website, and then we can add on the cost of the toy and crafts, etc.

It is definitely a full day packed with fun for the whole family.


Disclaimer: I was gifted tickets to visit Jingle Ville at Lower Drayton Farm, but all views are my own. 

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