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HiPP Organic HiPP Twists Campaign

We were kindly asked to be a part of the HIPP Organic’s HIPP Twist Campaign and were really excited to get involved.

The story of HiPP Organic began in 1899 when baker, Joseph Hipp, discovered a natural, nutritious rusk-based cereal to help his wife, Maria, who was struggling to breastfeed their twins. Their twins loved the cereal as did their further five children. Joseph and Maria’s son Georg started selling the cereal door to door until he earned enough money to officially register HIPP Organic as a company in 1932.

The Hipp family have always had sustainability, the environment, and family at the heart of their company, which are values that really resonate with us. All HiPP Organic’s food is free from chemical pesticides and they only take from nature what they can be replace. With this, HiPP Organic is the world’s number one organic food company!

The #HIPPTwists campaign is all about repurposing HiPP packaging into fun and interesting activities to do with your family. Not only is the creative transformation fun for your little ones to get involved in but it also supports their learning and development.

For our first creation, I painted the empty HIPP baby food jars and added soil and flowers so we could do some pretend and sensory play. Elijah found watering the flowers hilarious and loved looking and feeling the textures of the petals. After we finished playing, I added cress seeds and mint cuttings to the soil so we could grow some herbs!

Our second creation was such a fun one! I decided to raid the craft draw and make sensory rockets. They were such a big hit with Elijah. He loved all the colours and was mesmerised by the glitter and pom poms swirling and swishing around the jars. They were super easy to make! All you need is: cleaned baby food jars, coloured card, glue, a plastic bottle, and any sensory contents you choose to add to the water (glitter, pom poms, sequins, food colouring, etc). The possibilities are endless!

My next idea was to make memory jars to remember Elijah’s first holiday, first time on the beach, and his first time at the farm! We filled the jars with shells from Mablethorpe beach, sand from Barmouth, and pinecones from his first trip to the farm. They’re such a great way to remember the special moments and will be treasured in our family forever. If you have older children you could even get them involved in decorating the label and finding treasure to put into the memory jars.

My last creation was rooted in nature! As Elijah loves bird watching, especially watching them splash around in the bird bath, I decided to attract more birds to our garden by making a colourful bird house with recycled lollipop sticks and using our HiPP jar and lid to hold the bird feed! We’ve even had a few visitors already - I just wish I could get them on camera! 

There are so many great (and free) things to make and activities to do just by getting creative and repurposing baby food jars! You can have so much fun just by utilising the things you have in your home. What a great way to have fun and help the environment at the same time!

Thanks so much HiPP Organic for involving us in the HIPP Twists campaign, we have really had so much fun together!

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