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HiPP Organic Follow On Milk

#ad – We were so undecided on what follow on milk brand to use as there is just so much choice out there! We did briefly trial our usual formula brands follow on milk but for some reason, Elijah really didn’t take to it. We considered going back to the stage 1 baby formula for Elijah’s morning and nighttime bottle until HiPP Organic UK kindly asked us to review their follow on milk.

What I love about HiPP Organic’s follow on baby milk is the fact that the follow on formula is organic – which is definitely what stands out to me over other brands. HiPP Organic has been pioneering sustainable organic farming for more than 60 years. They really care about our little ones and not only meet EU organic standards but exceed them! This means no nasty chemicals, no artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, and very strict HiPP cleanliness requirements! This really puts my mind at ease! The fact that their follow on formula is affordable and we don’t pay more for the formula being organic is a big win-win for me.

HiPP Organic’s follow on formula packaging is a little different from other brands. The milk comes in a box with a scoop and two foil bags containing the formula inside. The packaging did take a little getting used to at first but I love the fact that there are two separate bags rather than a big bulky tin. What is even more appealing is that HiPP Organic are a sustainable brand and use FSC certified cardboard for their packaging and everything but the foil bags are recyclable. HiPP Organic have definitely thought of everything here.

Elijah really took to the follow on milk and we were really pleased with how easy the transition was. The powder mixes well in hot water without clumping or leaving a residue – which is an issue we have had with other brands in the past. The scoop handle is a lot longer than other brands which is so helpful to reach the powder at the bottom of the bag. HiPP Organic even have their follow on milk in readymade bottle which is super helpful. Overall, Elijah seems a lot happier on HiPP Organic’s follow on milk and we are so pleased! For us, HiPP is the best baby milk brand.

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