DIY Dinosaur Photoshoot

We started doing DIY photoshoots when Elijah was six months old. We wanted to be able to reflect on how much he had changed and grown from month to month. But instead of paying for a professional to take the photos every month, we decided to do them ourselves!

For his eight-month photoshoot, we decided on a dinosaur theme and it was so so fun! We used things dotted around the house to create the scene and really brought it to life. I painted an old cardboard TV box to make the dinosaur theme backdrop with paint I already had (mostly, children’s paint and leftover wall paint from the bathroom).

We wanted a few photos of Elijah sitting in a cracked dinosaur egg, as I’ve seen a few professional photos like it and thought they were really cool. But instead of paying £80 for something I’d only use a handful of times, I decided to make a dinosaur egg out of paper mache!

To create the egg shape, I used an old beach ball (if you don’t have one at home, you can pick them up from the pound shop). The beach ball needed a fair few coats of paper mache (newspaper, PVA glue, and water) and plenty of time to dry. When the paper mache egg was dry and hard enough to sit in, I let the beach ball down, cut the egg into a cracked egg shape, and added a bit of white paint. In the end, we decided to edit the dinosaur egg in the photos and add pink and brown colours.

We also attempted to make little uncracked dinosaur eggs using small balloons and paper mache but we didn’t leave enough drying time so decided not to use them in the end but you could give this a go if you have more time on your hands! You could even make the lava from the volcano 3D by adding paper mache to the backdrop!

Elijah was dressed in a knitted romper which I bought for his six-month photo shoot from Handmade by Paige. It was so so fitting with the dinosaur theme! We also added some of Elijah’s dinosaur teddy bears too. All of the photos were taken on my phone which I tend to prefer because I think cameras take a long time to focus and by that time Elijah’s usually looking elsewhere or blinking. But we did use photography lighting which was borrowed to us but any lighting is perfectly fine!

My favourite apps to edit the photos are Snapseed and Quickshot. The apps help correct lighting, add filters, or even make the photographs more clear. I used the blur and smooth tool on the background to make it look less like a painted cardboard box and more like a smooth backdrop! So, I’d definitely recommend using the apps if you’re like me and are new to photography and have no idea how to use Adobe Photoshop!

We took so many great photos and had so much fun being creative and making all the little bits for the photoshoot in the process. We love our monthly tradition and will definitely keep it going, so keep a lookout on what we get up to next month! And, if you have done a DIY photoshoot at home, I'd love to see the photos so feel free to tag me in them on Instagram!

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