DIY Birthday Photoshoot

Ever since Elijah turned 6 months old, we want to do monthly photoshoots to document how much he has changed. Following his dinosaur photoshoot at 8 months, we’ve done a construction, car, and London theme photoshoot.

The setups are so easy to do with items in your own home and is such an affordable way of getting professional-looking photos. Elijah’s 9-month construction set up consisted of an old shoebox, digger toys and toy box, and boots that we already had. We made the number ‘9’ out of leftover orange card and the only item we bought was the construction bunting which came to a grand total of £2.50 from good old eBay.

Elijah’s 10-month car shoot was definitely one of my favourites so far! The car bunting, traffic lights, and 10mph sign were made of card we already had and the 10mph sign was held up by a smarties tube wrapped in black card. The car toys we dug out of Elijah’s toy box. We did purchase the balloon modelling kit racing car which was £2 from The Works, which you could also make traffic lights and a black and white flag. It was definitely well worth the price.

The 11 month London setup was very last minute as we were torn between a safari or London theme. The setup was quite minimal and consisted of a London themed bunting made out of card and wool and a hand-drawn Union Jack. A Pringles tube and Jaffa cake box wrapped in brown card made a very sad looking Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. We already had the Happyland London toys and the London pyjamas were temporarily borrowed off Santa as they’re a gift for this Christmas.

You don’t have to have a professional set up to take great photos of your little ones. Our backdrop was an £8 purchase from eBay which can be temporarily attached to the wall using masking tape rather than using a photography backdrop frame. You can also use a plain white bed sheet you have in your home instead of a backdrop!

You don’t need professional lighting either - natural light with a spot of editing is just as good! My favourite (and free) photo editing apps are Snapseed and Lightleap. They are so easy to use and navigate and no prior editing experience is needed. But if tech isn’t for you then you could always do a photoshoot outside in the park which gets the best out of natural sunlight.

It’s really amazing what you can do with things you already have in your home. For less than £5, I’ve managed to take some lovely photos which will be treasured in our family forever! We have something special lined up for Elijah’s 1st birthday so stay tuned!

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