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Dino Ranch Toy Review

Dive into the super-fun “pre-westoric” world of Dino Ranch – the show that follows the adventures of the Cassidy Family (the ranchers... aka cowboys!) as they tackle life on the ranch in a world where dinosaurs still exist. Not only is the show entertaining, the episodes include so many important themes, such as family and community, outdoor fun, friendship and nurturing, teamwork, and personal growth!

We headed to The Entertainer to check out the new Dino Ranch toy collection. There's so much to choose from, including figure packs, plush teddies, vehicle sets, and even a big Dino Ranch Clubhouse Playset. We picked up the Jon & Blitz figures, Min & Clover's Care Cart Vehicle, Biscuit and Angus Dino figures, and Elijah just couldn’t resist the Clover plush toy!

Dino Ranch Toys at The Entertainer in Merry Hill

Jon & Blitz

This Dino Ranch 2-pack features Jon with his dino pal Blitz, one of the fastest velociraptors on the ranch. As Jon says, "It’s veloci-time Blitz!" Elijah loves to recreate his favourite scenes from Dino Ranch and create his own ones! Elijah enjoys taking Jon's hat off and trying to put them on the dinos!

Min & Clover’s Care Cart

This fun Dino Ranch character vehicle set features a 5” Dino vehicle Clover and the 3” Dino Rancher, Min. Min is the dino doctor-in-training, and Clover is her dino best friend, a gentle and loveable brontosaurus. Clover pulls the 'care cart', which includes a chest that opens so your dino-fan can store their treasure! Watch Clover’s head bobble as he moves!

Dino Ranch Biscuit & Angus Figures

Biscuit and Angus are two of the coolest dinos on the Dino Ranch! Angus is a grumpy, sleep-loving triceratops. You can hear him 'breathing' by pressing the button on the side of his body. Biscuit is the alpha dinosaur - the T-Rex on the ranch. Biscuit’s jaw moves up and down when you press the button on the back of his head. Elijah loves using this and pretending that Biscuit is eating food. Both Angus and Biscuit's head, arms, and legs move, and they both have soft, flexible tails!

These are great additions to your little one’s growing collection of pre-westoric friends!

Clover Plush

Elijah couldn't resist a cuddly, snuggly Clover that he likes to carry everywhere, even cuddling him to sleep! Clover is the gentle and loveable baby brontosaurus on the ranch and is such a cute toy addition. There are three plush toys to complete the collection: Blitz the raptor, Clover the baby brontosaurus, and Tango the triceratops.

The Dino Ranch toy collection is great for boys and girls aged 3-5 … and fun for parents too! The collection is available to purchase from The Entertainer. They are a perfect way to recreate the tv show, which is available to watch on Tiny Pop, or on-demand via YouTube, Disney+, and The Pop Player.

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Disclaimer: Gifted product but all opinions and views are my own.

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