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Comic Relief Red Nose Day

Comic Relief Red Nose Day is an ongoing campaign to end child poverty throughout the world. The organisation funds programs which help keep children safe and healthy while providing them with support and education. The aim of Red Nose Day, which this year is on Friday 19th March, is to raise money for children who need support. There are so many ways to get involved whether that’s fundraising through bake sales, sponsored walks, purchasing Red Nose Day merchandise, donating directly, and so much more!⁣⁣⁣

We purchased a Red Nose and a Comic Relief ‘Make Your Own Adventure Kit.’ The kit is filled with activities so your little one can explore and discover things in the garden. As Elijah is a little too young to make full use of the kit, I adapted it to create our very own “Red Nose Woodland Creature Scavenger Hunt.” We created a garden using a brownie tin, Coco Pops (mud), and I placed the Red Nose stickers in the tin (some easy to see and the others hidden underneath the Coco Pops). Elijah loved scooping, digging around and finding the different creatures. He laughed when he found the sticker creatures hiding at the bottom of the tin.⁣⁣⁣

🔴 Remember to tune in on Friday 19th March at 7pm on BBC1 for an evening of entertainment for a great cause. Do get involved and if you can, donate 🔴

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