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Chinese New Year Suncatcher

What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than making a bright lantern suncatcher to put in your window. They are super easy and fun to make so why don’t you make a Chinese New Year Suncatcher with your little one!

You will need:

Coloured Tissue Paper

Black Card


A Laminator Pouch


First, draw a lantern shape on the black card and cut out the shape. Then cut the coloured tissue paper into squares. Open the laminator pouch and place the card lantern inside. Ask your little one to add the coloured tissue paper onto the card lantern then carefully close the pouch. Place the laminator pouch through the laminator and cut it to shape. Put the suncatcher in a window and admire the beautiful colours as the sun beams through the lantern.

What’s so great about suncatchers are that they are so adaptable. You can make heart-shaped suncatchers for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Not only are they fun to create, but they also make perfect gifts too!

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