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Chinese New Year Sensory Bin

Because Elijah loved the pizza-themed sensory bin, I decided to make him a simple Chinese New Year set up.

The Chinese New Year themed sensory bin was made using red and yellow dyed rice, a few chocolate coins found in the kitchen cupboard, and sparkly red foam hearts. Elijah loved swooshing all of the rice around all over the floor and mixing it around with his little wooden spoon. He also loved picking up the individual pieces of rice, putting them on a plate, and putting them back into the tray. It’s amazing how much endless fun your little one can have with a little bit of rice! While your little one is playing away, they are developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while also feeling and seeing different colours and textures.

You can make a sensory bin out of materials you have at home. If you don’t have a kitchen tray, you can use a plastic box or even your bath. You can fill the sensory bin with anything you have in the kitchen cupboards - rice, pasta, cereal, shredded paper, cotton balls, play-doh. Be creative and let your little one explore!

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