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Children in Need Activities

Since 1980, BBC Children in Need has raised over £1 billion for disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. The charity raises money all year round and has its annual appeal in November (which happens to be today!). Across the country, there are children going to school in Children in Need clothes and parents going to work in their pyjamas, all to raise money for Children in Need. Supermarkets are filled with Children in Need clothes, headbands, accessories, and Pudsey and Blush bears, of which a minimum of 10% of the products price goes straight to Children in Need! And, tonight on BBC1 at 7pm Children in Need's annual telethon begins, so be sure to tune in and donate!

Below are just a few Children in Need activities you can do with your little ones!

Pudsey Bear Colouring

Pudsey colouring is a great way to get children thinking and talking about Children in Need. Colouring is fun for your little ones and helps build pen control and fine motor skills too!

Pudsey Number Play

@lucyandthemannings Pudsey Number Play idea is a great activity for school-aged children. Your little ones can match the colourful numbered stickers to Pudsey's spots! This is such a fun activity which also helps develop early numeracy skills!

Pudsey Tuff Tray

The Pudsey Tuff Tray is an excellent activity for younger children to play and explore. Pudsey is made from lemon-scented rice, plain rice, lentils, and toy counters. The tuff tray encourages fine motor skills, mathematical skills, and sensory exploration. It sure is an activity full of fun!

Pudsey Sticking Activity

@little.learning.leaders' Pudsey sticking activity is a great way to encourage your little ones to use glue for the first time. As we all know, using glue is super tricky for young children and by shadowing adults turning Pudsey's spot over, glueing the back, and turning and sticking the dot down helps encourage children how to use glue sticks and aids their fine motor skills.

Pudsey Playdough Station

How fun is @katiemummyme_activities' Pudsey Playdough Station!? It's really such a great way to learn through play and open up discussion about Children in Need. It also aids language development and enhances fine motor skills while also being a fun and creative activity.

Pudsey Biscuit Decorating

Who doesn't love biscuit decorating? Pudsey Biscuit Decorating is so fun and can be done with sweets and chocolate you already have in your home! Children love getting messy and creative and the fact that you can eat the biscuits afterwards is definitely a bonus!

Pudsey Finger Painting

Pudsey Finger Painting is an easy activity you can set up at home using children's paint and free Pudsey printables from the Children in Need website. Your little ones will love seeing the bold colours and feel the texture of the paint on their fingers. This activity really allows your child to express their creativity.

Pudsey Bear Pom Pom Push

The Pudsey Bear Pom Pom Push is such a unique and interesting activity. It is so good for developing fine motors skills and colour matching! Your little ones will have so much fun with this creative activity.

Pudsey Pasta Play

How amazing is this Pudsey Pasta Play idea from Learning through Play with Leo! Your little one will have lots of fun feeling the texture of the pasta, as well as hearing how the pasta sounds when it is scooped and poured.

Pudsey Bear Pancakes

Well, who doesn't love pancakes and better still, Pudsey Bear Pancakes! This idea is suitable for children of all ages; younger children will definitely enjoy eating the yummy Pudsey pancakes you make them and older children will also have fun decorating them! What a perfect way of discussing Children in Need while eating delicious pancakes!

All of these activities are a great way of opening up discussion about Children in Need while having lots of fun!

What have you been up to for Children in Need?

Remember to tune in to BBC1 Children in Need at 7pm and head over to their website to find out more about the great work they do and how to donate!

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