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Cbeebies' Octonauts at Sea Life Birmingham

PR Invite | We were kindly invited to @sealifebirmingham for their brand new Cbeebies’ Octonauts trail! ⁣

On arrival, Elijah received his mission which was to save Captain Barnacles and bring him back to the octopod! Captain Barnacles went out on a solo mission and got swept away by an undersea storm. The clues to locate Barnacles are in different areas of the sea life, so your little ones can learn about the different ocean-dwelling creatures and how to protect the ocean along the way. Don’t forget to collect the 8 stamps in your dive log book then collect your reward from the shop counter! You can also do the 5 Octonaut activities to complete the Octo-Compass Mission Log booklet.

We absolutely loved the 360° ocean tunnel - what an experience! Elijah really didn’t know where to look! The sea otters were also a highlight. They are just so adorable! It was the first time Elijah has seen penguins and he loved waving at them and watching them dive into the water. We did find that the Sea Life got quite busy though - we did feel a bit rushed around the centre because of this. We did miss three of the eight Octonaut trail stamp machines and some of the clues, I think because the centre is quite dark in parts and there is just so much to look at, these areas aren’t so well lit up and are easily missed. But if your children are eagle-eyed then I don’t think they’d have a problem finding them.

🔍 CBeebies’ Octonaunts trail running from 12th June to the 11th July⁣

🐟 Fun activities throughout the aquarium⁣

🦀 Interactive rock pool ⁣

🦦 UK's first sea otters ⁣

🐧 Gentoo penguins ⁣

📷 Lots of cool photo opportunities ⁣

👶🏻 Fully buggy accessible⁣

🚻 Toilets with baby changing⁣

🎫 Online tickets are £18.30 per person, under 3s go free

🍴 You cannot eat inside the Sea Life Centre

Top tips:⁣

⭐️ You can get 2 for 1 entry with the Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher which you can find on Kellogg’s cereal boxes and other products. ⁣

⭐️ You can save money and buy multi-attraction tickets online.


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