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Bonfire Night Activities

Even though the usual Bonfire night traditions were off the cards this year, this really didn’t stop parents and children from having lots of fun at home! I was so inspired by some of the amazing bonfire night crafts and activities that my fellow mums did with their little ones and I really had to share!

Fireworks Loose Parts Play

Colourful Chalk Fireworks

Tissue Paper Sparklers

Glitter and Glue Fireworks

Cupcake Case Fireworks

Super Easy Firework Painting

Bonfire Painting

Firework Messy Play

Sensory Bonfire Night

DIY Bonfire

Handprint Bonfire Keepsake

Pipecleaner Fireworks

Fork Firework Display

Nature’s Bonfire

Breadstick Sparkers

DIY Pinwheel

Icing Sugar Fireworks

Black Bean Firework Tuff Tray

Bonfire Cupcakes

I was so blown away by all the creativity and really can't wait to do these activities with Elijah when he's old enough. The above bonfire night activities and craft ideas would also be great for New Year celebrations. The possibilities are endless!

Please do follow the accounts on Instagram for more amazing crafts to do with your little ones (click each image for a direct link). And, if you do decide to do any of the activities then please tag us in all of your creations - we would love to see them!

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