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Baby Products You Really Don't Need!

When you are expecting a little bundle of joy you want to make sure you’re prepared and have everything you need. But sometimes, like myself, you can find yourself buying too many things that you really don’t need that end up becoming dust collectors. Save your money and buy something more essential or put it towards your holiday fund! Here’s a list of items that you really don’t need! 

1. Nappy bins

There are so many nappy bins on the market and they’re often advertised as a must-have item. The advertisers promote the bins by saying they’re the only way to mask the smell of dirty nappies. Wrong! I bought a nappy bin (they’re definitely expensive for what they are) and only used it a handful of times and ended up giving it away. To be honest, it just takes up room and as long as you’ve put dirty nappies in nappy bags then you can hardly ever smell the nappies anyway! Or why don’t you give cloth nappies a go?

2. Room Thermometers

Relatively new to the market, devices that check the temperature of the room have become increasingly popular with moms. Many moms (like I did) think it’s the best way to judge what clothes to put your little one in to sleep. But a lot of the time the temperature reading was incorrect and at other times it didn’t work at all. The device ended up becoming a snazzy nightlight before we decided to put it away. I would honestly say it’s much better to make a judgement yourself on the temperature and what to safely dress your little one in. 3. Swaddles

Some parents love swaddles and use them on their newborn. But they just weren’t for me. I find they’re too much faff and your little one isn’t in them for very long anyway.  4. Too much of everything 

Honestly, I’d wait until after your baby shower before you buy your everyday essentials. I had so many baby toiletries, baby hats, and vests which I have never used. And don’t get me started on the baby oil! 5. Shoes / jackets 

For the first 6 months, I would refrain from buying baby shoes, coats and jackets, no matter how cute they are! You really won’t need them. 6. Changing table 

Changing tables do look great in a nursery and are good for storing nappies and toiletries. But for me, I rarely used it. I found it easier changing on a changing mat on the bed or the floor in the living room. It’s much easier than traipsing upstairs to the changing table every time your little one needs their clothes or nappy changing. It ends up being storage for all sorts of bits and bobs.  7. Teddies 

One definite thing not to buy is teddies. We bought a few and got gifted so many! Only one or two of them are played with and the rest end up at the bottom of the toy box.  8. Cotton wool balls 

Unless using cotton wool instead of wipes, you really won’t need that many. They’re great for cleaning the face but other than that, you really don’t need them. We had bags full that were gifted at my baby shower which we ended up donating. 9. Baby socks

Baby socks do look small and cute, but you really don’t need more than one pack. For the first few months, your little one will mostly be in sleepsuits and won’t need them. 10. Wipe warmer 

I didn’t even know this was a thing before I was pregnant. But wipe warmers do exist and are actually expensive! You may worry that wipes are a little cold and wet for your little one but try rubbing the wipe between your hands to take that chill off or instead of wipes use cotton wool and warm water. Other items that are really not necessary are baby towels (adult towels do exactly the same job), newborn-sized clothes, and feeding pillows. Instead, save your money for your little one’s first holiday or first birthday.

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